MERIThON winners in Manresa location

🦾The event attracted a diverse group of 22 participants, including graduates and current undergraduate students from UPC, as well as professionals interested in enhancing their digital skills. This mix provided a rich environment for learning and collaboration.

📒The MERIThON was structured around five teams, each tackling a unique challenge. The attendees were mentored and judged by industry experts from local companies such as On-Laser, NUCLIA, ASOINDEL, and F2R, who provided valuable insights and guidance throughout the day.

🏆The winning team, composed of UPC Manresa graduates Hafid and Alex, focused on Challenge 6: Detection of At-Risk Students. They developed an innovative solution using data already collected by Moodle. Their approach involved generating a pseudo-history with AI and comparing it to known patterns of at-risk and not-at-risk students. The system would then present the risk level of each student to the teacher using a color-coded system (red, yellow, or green).

Their project was praised for its use of existing data, thorough research on current methods, and commitment to privacy. By leveraging data that Moodle already collects, their method is less intrusive and ensures student privacy. For their outstanding work, Hafid and Alex received a €300 prize from Col·legi d’Enginyers Catalunya Central.

👾The MERIThON successfully combined skill enhancement with program promotion, providing participants with valuable experiences and insights. The event not only showcased the importance of digital skills but also highlighted the opportunities available through the MERIT program. The innovative solutions developed during the event underscored the potential of leveraging technology for educational purposes, setting a precedent for future initiatives.

Overall, MERIThON was a significant step forward in digital education and awareness, reflecting the commitment of MERIT and its partners to fostering technological advancement and skill development.