prizes for ideas

MERIThON prizes for Vilnius location revealed

The main list of prizes to motivate innovators, participating in MERIThON Vilnius location are already known. Be the one who gets them and utilizes for further improvement. Each idea and its presentation will participate in several categories. Winning of multiple prizes is available for:

The most valuable solution.

Win cash prize of 500 euros by generating a solution idea that tackles complex problems with innovation and sustainability in mind.

The most innovative solution.

Win cash prize of 300 euros by pushing the boundaries with cutting-edge technologies or inventive process management solutions for the selected challenge.

Dedicated solution.

Win dedicated challenge owners prizes by providing the ideas on their proposed challenges.

Each participant will get some dedicated MERIT project benefits as well, ranging from priority to take free of change short-term courses to advance in getting dedicated scholarships in MERIT study programs.

Don’t miss this chance to showcase your brilliance and win multiple prizes! Stay tuned for participation details. Let’s upskill together in Vilnius!