In the event we have two type of participants:

  • Participant – person or group of up to 5 persons, who participate in all event activities and generation of solution ideas for the selected challenge.
  • Silent member – person, who do not participate in challenge solving, but views how the ideas are generated, presented, have a chance to visit the workshops and have networking opportunities.

To participate in the MERIThON, pre-registration is needed. Each person from the already formed teams must register or provide info if he or she is looking to build a team during the event. Neither participants nor silent members will be accepted in the event without initial registration.

The registration will start on the 6th of March. It will be closed on the 19th of April (12:00 CET or 13:00 EET) or earlier, if all available slots will be occupied.

The participation is in place, therefore choose the location which you will be able to attend and register to reserve a slot in the MERIThON.