Everwest special challenge

Everwest offers a special prize of 500 euros for the best solution to their challenge

In the MERIThON participant from Spain and Lithuania will be competing in parallel. They will have a chance to win multiple prizes, dedicated to specific location best solutions. The buzz surrounding this event has brought additional opportunities compete between different location teams.

Everwest company has announced a special prize of 500 euros for the most outstanding solution to their designated challenge. This prize will be awarded despite the MERIThON location. The best solution to this challenge will be selected after revision of pitches from both locations – Vilnius and Manresa.

MERIThON isn’t just your average ideathon – it’s a platform where brilliance is rewarded, and dreams turn into reality. Everwest’s commitment to fostering innovation is epitomized by this exclusive prize, which serves as a testament to their belief in the power of ingenuity to drive positive change.

The clock ticks down to the end of registration and start of the MERIThON. Participants are gearing up to unleash their full potential, knowing that they have the chance to leave a lasting impact on the world. At the same time, they have a chance to win multiple prizes, not just the one, presented by Everwest.

Join us at MERIThON, where excellence knows no bounds, and the future is waiting to be shaped by the brightest minds of today!