April 27, 2024

Upskill yourself with MERIT!
It is an international ideathon, organized by the MERIT project. The 27th of April, 2024 marks the beginning of an annual tradition that will transform into a dynamic hackathon. This event is designed to foster the creation of solutions that address the diverse needs of industries, society, and individuals alike.
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The Locations

Global Expertise Unleashed

Welcome to a ground-breaking Ideathon experience that transcends borders! The event will be held in place in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Manresa, Spain. It set to redefine innovation as we bring together international experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Quantum computing

Antanas Cenys VILNIUS TECH

Software quality, Project management


Innovations, Value creation, Cost digitalization


Data analytics, Data engineering, Business analytics, Project management, Data management


Automation, Industry 4.0, IoT

Fernando FERRER RIBAS F2R Engineering

Technology and Industry 4.0, LabVIEW, Hardware in the loop

Jaume MARTINEZ Asoindel

Data analytics, Data management, AI, GenAI, Project management, MLOps, Business analytics

Justas JANKUNAS Exacaster

R&D and Innovation, Industry 4.0, Software Engineering

Marta MILAN Asoindel

Laser&Photonics technology, Embedded systems, IoT


Data mining, Natural language processing, Dimension reduction, Data visualization


Commercialization, Business strategy, Security practical application, Coaching


Computer security, Project management, AWS, E-voting

Challenge Owners

Partners, proposing challenges

Event News

News and Related Information

MERIThON winners in Manresa location

🦾The event attracted a diverse group of 22 participants, including graduates and current undergraduate students from UPC, as well as professionals interested in enhancing their digital skills. This mix provided a rich environment for learning and collaboration. 📒The MERIThON was structured around five teams, each tackling a unique challenge. The attendees were mentored and judged …

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Diplomas for winners

Winners of the MERIThON 2024, location Vilnius

The first MERIThON event is over and we are happy to share who are the winners for Vilnius location:🏆 The most mature, applicable solution was generated by team “VULNX” (Ramil Balaghayev and Betul Vera Cengiz). This team solved the NOD Baltic proposed challenge #24. The idea of AI-driven automated contextual vulnerability scanner was presented in …

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NOD Baltic

NOD Baltic contribution to the MERIThON

NOD Baltic – Official representative of ESET in Lithuania. They actively contribute to industry resistance to the newest cybersecurity threats. The list of solutions NOD Baltic offers is not limited to ESET antivirus only. Different protection and management systems are offered. The key element between proposed products – innovative solutions for the modern user. The …

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NKSC challenge

National Cyber Security Centre joins MERIThON as challenge provider

National Cyber Security Centre under the Ministry of National Defence (NCSC) is the main Lithuanian cyber security institution. They are responsible for unified management of cyber incidents, monitoring and control of the implementation of cyber security requirements, accreditation of information resources. NCSC serves not only the governmental and enterprise needs but steps up to reach the …

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Manresa prizes

MERIThON prizes for Manresa location revealed

To incentivize innovation and excellence in engineering, the Col·legi d’Enginyers Graduats i d’Enginyers Tècnics Industrials de la Catalunya Central has announced a prize of 300 euros for the winners of the MERIThON at the Manresa location. With this new prize announcement, participants are gearing up to showcase their problem-solving prowess and ingenuity. This generous prize …

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Everwest special challenge

Everwest offers a special prize of 500 euros for the best solution to their challenge

In the MERIThON participant from Spain and Lithuania will be competing in parallel. They will have a chance to win multiple prizes, dedicated to specific location best solutions. The buzz surrounding this event has brought additional opportunities compete between different location teams. Everwest company has announced a special prize of 500 euros for the most …

Everwest offers a special prize of 500 euros for the best solution to their challengeRead More »

prizes for ideas

MERIThON prizes for Vilnius location revealed

The main list of prizes to motivate innovators, participating in MERIThON Vilnius location are already known. Be the one who gets them and utilizes for further improvement. Each idea and its presentation will participate in several categories. Winning of multiple prizes is available for: The most valuable solution. Win cash prize of 500 euros by …

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Challenges for the MERIThON 2024 are revealing

The first challenges are already posted ( but more of them are waiting to be published. For your convenience, each of them is linked to the recommended set of skills: Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things and Other advanced digital skills. This is just initial visions of the challenge owners and your solution might be …

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Cyber securing by the crowd awareness

Join the challenge on how to fight against fake news and internet environment as a field of war. Current political situation revealed the forms of war and the landscape, who is affected by it is very extended. Therefore society becomes one of the elements in the resilience chain. Some of the challenges in the MERIThon …

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Trends in advanced digital skills and ICT specialists demand

During the event, MERIT project will introduce what are the newest trends in advanced digital skills. The area will be narrowed to artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and internet of things areas, highlighting it as the main trends. But each of them have more detailed insights, what new technologies and solutions are going forward and could be …

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Introduction to the MERIThON event

MERIThon is an ideathon, organized by MERIT project. This event is organized for the first time, but will become a yearly event, gathering everyone, willing to find a solution for relevant ICT problem, upskill and prove their merit in advanced digital skills. The event is synchronized among two locations – Vilnius, Lithuania and Manresa, Spain. …

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