Diplomas for winners

Winners of the MERIThON 2024, location Vilnius

The first MERIThON event is over and we are happy to share who are the winners for Vilnius location:
🏆 The most mature, applicable solution was generated by team “VULNX” (Ramil Balaghayev and Betul Vera Cengiz). This team solved the NOD Baltic proposed challenge #24. The idea of AI-driven automated contextual vulnerability scanner was presented in the pitch. The team demonstrated maturity in the area, understanding the essence of the problem as well as testing different AI models accuracy to be adopted for the automation.
🏆 The most innovative solution was generated by team “5G” (Vytas Bunevičius and Jaroslav Zacharevič). This team selected the Exacaster proposed challenge #20. In the pitch they presented the idea on how to integrate different data (owned by service provider about current users internet service usage and publicly available demographic/socioeconomic data) analyzing the best location for the new service proposal.
🏆 EVERWEST challenge winners are team “Imlitex Holdings” (Juozas Širmenas and Gustas Dimša). Everwest proposed challenge #07 winners proposed an idea on what data sources could be integrated, constantly analyzed and used for automated due diligence process for verifying counterparties and commodity codes regarding sanctions application.
🏆 NOD Baltic special prize was awarded to team “VULNX”. This team won against their competitors regarding ability to concentrate on the problem and technical details of its implementation.
🏆 NKSC challenge winner is team “CSI Vilnius” (Marius Vaičeliūnas). National Cyber Security Centre (NKSC/CERT-LT) proposed challenge #12 required both cybersecurity as well as system architecture understanding. The idea, generated by the team was well justified and based on application of existing components to be more efficient.

Best challenge award

All MERIThON participants in Vilnius were voting for the best challenge. The criteria for the best challenge was very diverse. Mostly it was defined by taking into account the complexity of the challenge implementation, relevance to the current global trends, impact in case of successful implementation. Based on the voting results, the Everwest challenge #07 was selected as the winner in the best challenge category.

Further steps

Despite the fact that some teams did not win in the MERIThON and had no chance to pitch their idea, we hope all the participant had opportunity to establish new connections, gather ideas for further personal and idea development. Now we are moving further working on the possibilities to implement the generated ideas and at the same time starting planning of the next MERIThON event.