NOD Baltic

NOD Baltic contribution to the MERIThON

NOD Baltic – Official representative of ESET in Lithuania. They actively contribute to industry resistance to the newest cybersecurity threats. The list of solutions NOD Baltic offers is not limited to ESET antivirus only. Different protection and management systems are offered. The key element between proposed products – innovative solutions for the modern user.

The company believes in the need on constant improve and the need of innovative idea development. Therefore, they propose several challenges for the MERIThON participants and looking forward to see what new ideas and perspectives can be brought to life in it.

The need of human perspective and attention to security in new technologies

The challenges, proposed by NOD Baltic are not limited to only technical aspects of cybersecurity area. With the challenge “Automated internal organization vulnerability scanner” the participants should understand the complexity of organization security scanning. Different systems affect each other and accurate vulnerability scanning might be complicated. At the same time the humans, employees are also one of the vectors in organization vulnerability landscape. Any security related solutions should not forget the human factor in its application.

The complexity of human behaviour management is highlighted in another NOD Baltic challenge – “Meeting management support system”. This challenge is oriented on technical base solution – speech recognition, analysis and summary generation. While at the same time MERIThON participants are invited to step out and consider abilities to go deeper. Is it possible to indicate meeting process flaws and provide some recommendations for the situation improvement? Can machine define what to include in the summary, and what data should be anonymized taking into account personal data management requirements? Are people ready to give away the meeting management to machine solution? Its just several of questions which could be analysed in the challenge. While all of them illustrate innovations are always challenging and requires holistic approach, but at the same time it’s the engine with leads to a better solution.

NOD Baltic role in the MERIThON

NOD Baltic not only recognizes the need on innovative ideas and offer challenges for the MERIThON. They are dedicated to motivate and lead you in the path. Therefore, Tomas Parnarauskas (NOD Baltic leader, ESET expert) consultations for the MERIThON participants will be available. Those will cover not only cybersecurity area, but could guide you towards the idea commercialization and practical application. NOD Baltic also will provide dedicated prizes for the teams, working on their proposed challenges. 

Do not miss the chance to generate and maybe propose innovative idea. NOD Baltic and other mentors will be available for you in the MERIThON event.