VILNIUS TECH and FBK introduce MERIT project to other universities

On April 26th, MERIT partner VILNIUS TECH hosted the 2nd International Workshop “Virtual Technologies for improving background knowledge of Engineering Education”, an event of the Department of Engineering graphics of the Faculty of Fundamental Sciences in VILNIUS TECH, organised in cooperation with European University Alliance ATHENA, partners from other universities and with participants of the Erasmus+ project “Virtual technology for use in STEM”. It was a hybrid event, held in VILNIUS TECH (SRC 704, Saulėtekio al. 11, Vilnius) and available via ZOOM.

This activity was  planned as a dissemination activity of the MERIT project, and as part of the university’s initiative to share knowledge with schools and to present study opportunities at VILNIUS TECH. The main objective of the presentation was to introduce research achievements of the MERIT project’s WP3 and WP4 between groups of scientists and lecturers in different areas. Also, it was intended to increase MERIT’s visibility and to gather insights for competency evaluation in engineering studies.

A total of 46 people registered in the attendees list. In addition, several people from different countries connected remotely. All of them were HEI employees – both teaching staff, as well as administration and research personnel.

The presentation was conducted by Simona Ramanauskaitė (VILNIUS TECH) and Umberto Morelli (FBK) – both institutions are partners of the MERIT project. The session was entitled “Competency-based student evaluation: Steps from theoretical model to practical implementation in higher education institutions” and presented the purpose of the MERIT project: the idea of hierarchical structure usage for competency-based student evaluation and the results of competency landscape analysis.

The event helped to increase the visibility of the MERIT project and to strengthen MERIT partners’ perception among other higher education and research institutions, which might lead to potential collaboration in the future.

For further information on this event, visit this link.

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