VILNIUS TECH and the UPC meet with the company ASOINDEL

On May 11, 2023, VILNIUS TECH and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech (UPC) held a meeting with ASOINDEL at the company’s headquarters in Santpedor (Barcelona).

The primary objective of the meeting was to strengthen the relations between the partners of the MERIT project as a part of ‘SME Involvement and Industry Needs’, gain a better understanding of ASOINDEL’s role and its benefits to the MERIT project, and explore potential collaboration opportunities beyond the project. 

The meeting was planned to cover the following topics/activities:

  • Welcome and Participant Introductions.
  • ASOINDEL presentation (Company Overview, Capacity Map, Future Vision).
  • ASOINDEL’s Contribution to MERIT (General Overview, Current Status (Months 3-6), Future Tasks and Projected Activities).
  • ASOINDEL’s Projects related to IoT & AI technologies (Industry 4.0 IoT connectivity, Application of AI in Battery Testing).
  • Visit to the IoT Laboratory and Discussion on Collaboration/Training Opportunities within MERIT.

The company presentation aimed to allow both universities to see ASOINDEL’s capabilities and facilities firsthand, in order to better plan the subsequent work packages and activities of the project where we provide support for the design and implementation of course materials, training, virtual laboratory, and master’s degree practicals inspired by real industrial cases.

The meeting was beneficial from several perspectives:

  • Understanding ASOINDEL’s Activities and Integration into Study Programs
  • (a. Other project partners gained a better understanding of ASOINDEL’s activities, capacities, and ideas for integration into the developed study programs; b. More accurate plans were identified regarding where ASOINDEL could provide the most value).
  • LabView Solutions and Integration Possibilities (a. LabView solutions were presented, and discussions regarding their application possibilities (or analogues) were analyzed; b. Initial ideas for integrating LabView into UPC and VILNIUS TECH courses were identified, with final decisions postponed until WP4 and WP5 work on more detailed course content guidelines).
  • Introduction to ASOINDEL’s Laboratories and Equipment (a. ASOINDEL’s laboratories and equipment were introduced, and plans for possible purchases to support the delivery of study programs were analyzed; b. Discussions also covered settings for remote hardware access).
  • Introduction to ASOINDEL’s Products, Projects, and Future Plans (a. ASOINDEL’s products, projects, and future plans were introduced, facilitating a better understanding of potential collaboration beyond the MERIT project).

During the final discussion of the meeting, it was concluded that the meeting was highly beneficial, both from a technical and management perspective. 

The attendees at the ASOINDEL headquarters included ASOINDEL employees (Marta Millán, Jaume Martínez, Eudald Bellmunt, Alberto Sáez, Oriol Puig, Pol Domènech), VILNIUS TECH members (Simona Ramanauskaitė, Renata Karbauskienė, and Rokas Štrimaitis), and UPC members (Ilker Demirkol, Francisco del Águila López, Pere Palà-Schönwälder).

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