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Management of Artificial Intelligence Solutions (MAIS)

The master’s study program Management of Artificial Intelligence Solutions focuses on a comprehensive understanding of artificial intelligence. This is needed to properly manage artificial intelligence projects and solutions. In this study program students will study the life cycle of artificial intelligence projects, their organization, and their execution. Technical knowledge and skills to develop AI solutions will be provided to the extent that students can fully understand the principles of their activities. However, significant attention will be paid to the proper application, empowerment and management of these technologies. Therefore, not only graduates of computer science studies can study in this program. In addition, individuals who want to retrain and become intermediaries, among the developers of innovative artificial intelligence solutions and the sector that can fully apply those technologies.

The aim of this master’s degree program is to prepare highly qualified information system specialists with analytical thinking and the ability to compete in a rapidly changing environment, who have a wide understanding of the field of artificial intelligence, know the artificial intelligence system life-cycle, possibilities of artificial intelligence solutions application and development, are able to apply the existing artificial intelligence and/or automation solutions to solve the newly risen challenges, evaluate quality of system and artificial intelligence solutions, based on relevant criteria results of executed research, lead as well as manage this kind of projects.

To achieve the objectives of the program, students during their studies will be involved in challenges offered by various organizations, ongoing research projects. Lectures will be held in cycles, concentrating simultaneously on one or two subjects of study. They will master them in 1-2 months, and then moving on to the next subject of study provided for in the program. Lectures will be given not only by scientists and representatives of Lithuanian institutions, but also by experts from other countries. This will allow students to have a wider range of study experiences and international knowledge of the field.


Duration / ECTS credits:  2 years / 120 ECTS

Places available: 50


Lithuanian or English

Graduates of any field, who have at least 6 ECTS of Math (statistics, probability theory) and 6 ECTS of IT

Tuition fees / Scholarships
5410 EUR per year
For EU citizens same prices as for local students apply. For details click here.

Dates and timetable:
Starts on the 1st of September

Admission dates and procedure here


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