The MERIT project is divided into several Work Packages (WP) and managed by different persons. The main contacts of the project management team are:

  • Ilker Demirkol, UPC – Project Coordinator, WP1 (Project management and coordination) leader.
  • Simona Ramanauskaitė, VILNIUS TECH – Executive Administrator, WP6 (Advanced digital skills transfer) leader.
  • Cristina Baghiu, DIZNE – Outreach Manager, WP2 (Stakeholder involvement and outreach) leader.
  • Felicidad Leiva, UPC – Financial Administrator.
  • Silvio Ranise, FBK – WP3 (Long-term planning and consortium work quality assurance) leader.
  • Agris Nikitenko, RTU – WP4 (Design/Upgrade of the study programs) leader.
  • Kristo Karjust, TalTech – WP5 (Development of the program and its resources) leader.

For any questions, related to the project, be free to contact a corresponding person or fill in the contact form below. We will reach you back within several working days.

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