FBK – Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) is a non-profit research facility of public interest and represents the excellence and innovation centre in the project. For over 30 years, FBK has been at the forefront of Italian, European and international research on AI, cybersecurity and IoT. 
Its experience is very closely related to the project score. FBK has mature experience in AI research activities, steering the application of Artificial Intelligence towards scientific technological innovation in synergy with social and cultural innovation, boosting the digital transformation where the set of technological, organizational and behavioural changes associated with the adoption of digital technology in particular in the field of industry and public administration. 
FBK also plays a crucial role in European flagship projects, taking part in the main networks on Artificial Intelligence such as AI4EU, a project that aims to build the first European AI platform and ecosystem, TAILOR and Humane-AINet, two of the four European networks of excellence on AI. Coordinated by FBK, AIPlan4EU and AI@EDGE are projects to consolidate AI platforms by introducing automated planning and edge computing techniques. VISION is the strategic action that aims to keep Europe at the forefront of AI development. 

Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Via Santa Croce, 77
38122 TRENTO
​+39 0461 314 200

Main team members

Prof. Silvio RANISE

Director of the FBK Cybersecurity center 


Head of the FBK Open Platforms and Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things (OpenIoT) Research Unit

Dr Giuseppe JURMAN

Head of the FBK Data Science for Health (DSH) Research Unit

Data Science for Health, Life Sciences and Computational Biology

Claudia DOLCI

Member of the FBK Junior Team – Research and Innovation for Schools


Technologist at Futuro & Conoscenza

Cybersecurity and Io

Dr Miguel Pincheira CARO

PhD at the OpenIoT FBK Reasearch Unit

Diego SONA

Dr Salvatore MANFREDI


Senior Researcher at the DSH Research Unit

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