MERIT Project Introduces the First Short-Term Courses!


Whether you are an ICT professional looking to upskill or a beginner eager to dive into the world of digital, our short-term courses will equip you with the knowledge and expertise you need to succeed. 

Looking to advance your digital skills quickly? Our short-term courses in artificial intelligence and related areas such as business intelligence are designed to propel your career forward in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. Whether you want to enhance your proficiency in artificial intelligence methods, and apply them in business analytics, or understand the ethical, legal, and human aspects of AI, we have the perfect courses for you.

What courses are available? 

  • Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence 
    This course covers the definition, historical development, and prominent role of AI in computer science research. Participants will delve into key AI concepts and terminology, gaining practical skills in data handling, cleaning, and feature engineering. The course will explore various supervised and unsupervised learning methods, including linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, ensemble methods, clustering techniques, and dimensionality reduction. Emphasis will be placed on practical applications using tools and libraries for building, testing, and analysing models. Additionally, the course will cover data visualisation techniques and explore trends and innovations in AI research, equipping participants with a solid foundation in AI concepts and practical skills for real-world applications.

    June edition: Registrations are closed.
  • Business Analytics
    Course topics include data quality, governance, process automation using solutions as RPA, and statistical techniques such as regression analysis and hypothesis testing. The curriculum covers time series analysis, forecasting methods, and explores linear and nonlinear optimisation, including integer programming. Decision support through data analytics is addressed, covering areas as customer segmentation, supply chain analytics, and spatial analytics. A/B testing, key metrics for AI projects, and a review of Business Intelligence tools are included, along with an examination of the latest advancements in business analytics.

    June edition: Registrations are closed.
  • Ethical, Legal and Human Aspects of AI and Cybersecurity
    This course provides the fundamentals for ensuring the responsible governance of information technology systems with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other cyber-physical systems. Students examine the societal implications of AI across various domain, fostering critical thinking and ethical decision-making skills. In particular, it explores issues such as accountability, control, privacy, and transparency in AI technologies. Moreover, an overview of the global landscape of AI governance initiatives is provided before delving further into EU-centric legislative efforts (e.g. AI Act, GDPR, etc). Topics related to security and robustness for the safe use of the technology are also studied. Through hands-on case studies and discussions, students gain a nuanced understanding of the complex interplay between technology, ethics, and society, preparing them to navigate the ethical, legal, and social challenges posed by AI in their professional endeavours.

    June edition: Registrations available here.

Who can apply? 

Bachelor’s degree graduates, professionals with work experience in the ICT field and professionals within the EU.

How to apply?

All interested individuals must complete the registration form. Selected participants will be chosen after an administrative review.


June 2024 (evenings) 



How intense will the programs be? 

Two online meetings per week, with some self-studies and tasks between them.

What is the price? 

The first 50 participants in each course can join for free.

Who will be teaching? 

Members of the MERIT project – UPC, VILNIUS TECH, RTU. Each course will include at least two experts from different institutions to ensure an international experience. 

Why choose us? 

  • Flexible learning options: Our courses are designed to fit into your busy schedule, with evening sessions for online meetings and prepared material for individual study. 
  • Hands-on experience: Gain practical, hands-on experience through projects and simulations that mirror real-world scenarios. 
  • Certificate upon completion: Graduates will receive a certificate indicating the competencies gained (3 ECTS). This certificate provides priority for future MERIT short-term courses (including free on-site learning possibilities) and advantages in applying for MERIT master’s study programmes scholarships.
  • And more benefits: networking opportunities, career advancement and a cutting-edge curriculum.

How to register? 

Fill in the registration form and we will contact you on May 31st regarding further steps. Notifications of acceptance and all relevant information will be sent to admitted participants on June 3rd.

How can I contact?

VILNIUS TECH,  Simona Ramanauskaitė (

Enrol now and take the next step towards a rewarding career in the digital domain!

More short-term courses are coming soon — stay tuned!

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