Join us for the first Online International Industry Engagement Workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

Are you ready to participate in the first Online International Industry Engagement Workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI) organised by the MERIT project partners?  

We extend an invitation to SMEs, AI experts, and enthusiasts to join the international workshop hosted by the partners from 6 European countries. The workshop will be a dynamic experience, offering valuable networking opportunities and insights into the latest trends in AI innovation. Whether you wish to share your ideas with the audience or prefer to listen and observe, your participation will be highly valued. The workshop will be recorded and posted on the MERIT channels for future reference and wider dissemination of knowledge. 

  • Date: 26.06.2024
  • Time: 14:00 CET
  • Duration: 1h30min – 2h
  • Location: Online
How can you contribute? 
SMEs Expert Silent participant 
Present your innovative AI solutions and technologies. Share a brief story about your AI-related activities, current and future challenges in AI, and your thoughts on AI’s potential to improve your country. Provide insights and expert opinions on AI trends, challenges, and opportunities across various sectors. Share your knowledge on AI trends, offer solutions to current challenges, and discuss future opportunities in the AI field. Observe the discussions, engage in the dialogue, and gain insights into AI innovations and trends. 
What’s in it for you?

Exposure and Learning: Gain insights into the latest advancements and trends in AI technology. Discover how AI is transforming industries and learn about innovative solutions from around the globe. 

Networking Opportunities: Engage with SMEs’ briefs and discussions to understand diverse perspectives and experiences of stakeholders, thought leaders, and innovators from the AI sector. Expand your network and potentially find inspiration for future collaborations. 

Access to Expertise: Benefit from the session where relevant topics is discussed, offering valuable insights and guidance even as a silent observer. 

Participation Certificate: Receive a certificate recognising your active participation, serving as a visible reminder of your commitment to innovation and growth. 

Event Agenda
  1. Welcome and Guest Introductions 
  2. SME Briefs Session: AI Solutions and Innovations 
  3. Collaborative Discussion: How would AI foster the digital transformation of EU countries? 
  4. Future Collaboration Ideas and Closing Remarks 

Please fill in the registration by Monday June 24, 2024, AVAILABLE HERE to confirm your attendance. If you have any questions or require further information, feel free to contact us at

MERIT project experts participating to the event 

Prof. Agris Ņikitenko – Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analysis 

Viesturs Sosars – Coaching Startups, Advising Corporates 

Prof. Simona Ramanauskaitė – Cybersecurity, E-learning, Artificial Intelligence 

Prof. Antanas Čenys – Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence 

Muhammad Imran Applied AI, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Control System, Optimisation and Planning 

Evelin Ebruk – Customer Relation Manager 

Prof. Jüri Majak – Material Mechanics, Advanced Structures and Products 

Justas Jankūnas – Data Analytics, Data Management, AI, GenAI, Project Management, MLOps 

Cristian Rodriquez – Forecasting, Data Science, Optimisation, Machine/Deep Learning, Neuroengineering

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