IQForum PLUNGĖ 2023: Investment in sustainable and innovative industry

IQForum is organising events for business presenters in various Lithuanian regions. The focus on regions is aimed at motivating local businesses to engage in knowledge sharing, networking, and other innovative business activities.

In this context, the event “Investment in sustainable and innovative industry” ( was organized in Plunge on June 16, 2023. The primary objective of this event was to encourage Lithuanian businesses and industries to become more active in the adoption of advanced technologies and networking. 

One of the presentations was given by Simona Ramanauskaitė, a member of the MERIT project from VILNIUS TECH. The topic of the speech was ‘The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Business – Industry 5.0‘ which included a concise overview of the MERIT project.

The significance of enhancing advanced digital skills and implementing innovative solutions for the development of businesses and industries garnered attention. Following the presentation, during the social event, discussions on the need for advanced digital skills continued, and potential collaboration opportunities were explored.

The event was instrumental in motivating businesses in Lithuanian regions to enhance their advanced digital skills. It provided an introduction to the fundamentals of advanced digital skills and their crucial role in industrial development. One of the outcomes of the event was the dissemination of information about upcoming short-term courses offered by the MERIT project.

During this event, even though the master has not been launched yet, the most significant benefits were focused on several aspects:

  • Enhanced Visibility of EC Funding: the project was presented as one of the projects funded by the European Commission. Additional presentations were geared towards exploring opportunities for securing EU funding or showcasing the outcomes of EU-funded projects.
  • Building the MERIT Project’s Reputation: the MERIT project and VILNIUS TECH, as a part of it, gained increased visibility, contributing to their reputation in the field of artificial intelligence expertise. Following the forum, several requests were received to participate as experts in digital technologies, including providing commentary on the EU-developed AI act for a journal article and organising specialised training in the areas of information technology, AI, and cybersecurity.

Approximately 200 directors and managers from Lithuanian SMEs or governmental institutions, operating in the Plunge region, all of whom are responsible for decision-making in their respective organizations, attended the event.

The forum was broadcast live, and the record is available at this link.

More information on the IQForum in Plungė here.

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