TalTech attends the Manufacturing Performance Days 2023

MERIT representatives from the Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) attended the Manufacturing Performance Days 2023 (MPD2023), which took place on the 5-7th June in Tampere, Finland. MPD23 is Northern Europe’s leading technology summit, bringing together manufacturing industries, researchers, and technology as well as international service providers to meet and exchange insights.

Under the theme “Sustainable and Resilient Growth”, this year’s edition opened views, discussions, and industrial benchmarks on how to impact on manufacturing performance, future skills and capabilities, resilience, and new investments, including digital skills

The conference covered five pivotal themes:

  • Digitalisation for Green Transformation:
    • Acknowledged the close link between Europe’s green and digital transitions.
    • Highlighted the interdependence of these transitions and addressed technical and market barriers.
    • Explored the role of artificial intelligence and digitalisation in achieving sustainable development goals, with a focus on energy efficiency and material traceability.
  • Circular Economy as a Driver for Servitization:
    • Emphasized the significance of circularity in industry transformation towards climate-neutrality.
    • Explored emerging business models within the circular economy, such as servitization and sharing, emphasizing resource savings and economic opportunities.
  • Manufacturing as a Service – Towards Resilient Supply Chains:
    • Introduced Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS) as a solution for product manufacturing without extensive infrastructure investment.
    • Discussed the impact of technological advances on global supply chains, highlighting new business models and their effects on supply chain resiliency.
  • Future Robotics, Flexible Automation, and Autonomous Systems:
    • Explored the evolving landscape of robotics, focusing on increased computational intelligence and autonomy.
    • Discussed the potential of robots as valuable assistants in various industries under the Industry 4.0 vision, covering trends in advanced robotics and autonomous systems.
  • Safety and Cybersecurity in Resilient Societies:
    • Addressed the challenges arising from heightened automation in manufacturing systems.
    • Discussed complexities related to cybersecurity, trustworthiness of physical and IT systems, and targeted attacks, emphasizing the need for societal resilience.

Overall, the conference provided valuable insights into the intricate dynamics of digitalisation, sustainability, and technological advancements across diverse sectors. It offered innovative solutions and shed light on potential challenges, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape.

Representatives of MERIT learned about the industry’s vision and plans for the present and the future, which can be applied to university curricula in the near future.

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