Successful First Online International Industry Engagement Workshop on Artificial Intelligence, organised by MERIT Project

The first Online International Industry Engagement Workshop on Artificial Intelligence, hosted by the MERIT project on June 26, 2024, was a resounding success, attracting over 30 participants from Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, and Spain. Organised by the MERIT project partners, the workshop provided a dynamic platform for SMEs, AI experts, and enthusiasts to exchange insights, explore emerging trends, and foster meaningful collaborations in the realm of AI innovation.

The event commenced with a warm welcome and introductions, setting the stage for a series of illuminating presentations and discussions. Noteworthy contributions included Exacaster’s exploration of GenAI and current trends, FBK’s insights into productivity enhancement through AI agents, and NUCLIA’s innovative approach to leveraging AI while ensuring robust data governance.

Participants were exposed to a diverse array of AI applications across different domains, from robotics at to the socio-economic impact discussed by RAISIS. TALTECH University’s presentations highlighted advanced optimization methods and real-world applications in Estonian manufacturing, underscoring AI’s transformative potential in industry.

A pivotal moment in the workshop was the collaborative discussion on AI’s role in driving the digital transformation of EU countries. Engaging dialogues surfaced around challenges, opportunities, and strategic initiatives to harness AI for sustainable growth and competitiveness.

The workshop concluded with fruitful brainstorming sessions, emphasising the workshop’s commitment to ongoing knowledge exchange and innovation in AI. Participants, hailing from diverse backgrounds, enriched discussions with their expertise and varied perspectives. Each attendee, whether presenting innovative solutions, sharing expert opinions, or observing to gain insights, contributed to the workshop’s vibrant atmosphere of learning and collaboration.

The event’s success was underscored by its inclusive format, allowing participants to engage actively, network effectively, and gain valuable insights into cutting-edge AI advancements. For those unable to attend, here is the recording of the session.

The MERIT project extends its gratitude to all participants, speakers, and partners for their invaluable contributions, marking a promising beginning for future collaborative endeavours in AI innovation.

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