The MERIT project introduces the new Online International Industry Engagement Workshops

Collaboration across borders is essential for driving innovation and progress. With this vision in mind, we introduce the Online International Industry Engagement Workshops, a series of dynamic online events organized to foster international collaboration, inspire innovation, and shape the future of the advance digital skills. Organized by the Digital MERIT project partners, the Online International Industry Engagement Workshops are set to cover topics such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Cybersecurity, and advanced digital skills. Each workshop will provide participants with opportunities to engage with stakeholders, thought leaders, and innovators from across European countries.

These workshops represent more than just a series of events for Digital MERIT; they are a platform to create connections and harness the collective power of European collaboration. With the support of SMEs and experts from our project team, we aim to create a collaborative ecosystem where ideas flourish, partnerships thrive, and innovation is encouraged.

What to Expect from International Industry Engagement Workshops?

The Workshops will take up to 1h and 30 min and will have a structured agenda designed to facilitate interaction and collaboration:

  1. Welcome and Introductions: Each session will begin with welcomes and an overview of the MERIT Project Results obtained ion the topic that will be discussed.
  2. SME Pitching Session: European SMEs will have the opportunity to showcase their innovative solutions and express their interest in international collaborations, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas across borders.
  3. Breakout Rooms Activity: Participants will engage in collaborative problem-solving activities, delving deeper into specific challenges and scenarios under the guidance of MERIT project experts.
  4. Future Collaboration Ideas and Closing Remarks: The workshops will conclude with reflections on key insights and potential avenues for future international collaboration, driving collective progress within and beyond borders.

Who Can Participate?

We extend the invitation to all interested SMEs and experts. However, it’s essential to note that each workshop will focus on a specific topic and companies specializing in that area will be invited to showcase their innovative solutions. While we welcome participation from all interested parties, only companies active in the selected field will have the opportunity to present their innovative solutions and technologies. This approach ensures that discussions remain focused to the workshop’s theme, fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration among industry peers. We believe that this selective showcasing of innovative solutions will enrich the workshops, allowing for in depth exploration and insight sharing within the relevant sectors.

How to join the International Workshops?

Follow us to find when we plan the upcoming International Industry Engagement Workshopsand become an integral part of a dynamic European community committed to driving innovation and sustaining the digital environment at the EU level. Whether you’re an industry expert or an emerging innovator, your presence and participation hold immeasurable value on the EU stage.

Registration and Inquiries:

Each event will have a registration form that will be published along with the event announcement.

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