MERIT at the ETF event “Skills ®Evolution: Understanding and Developing Skills for a Digital Era”

On 9 and 10 October, FBK was invited to participate in Skills ®evolution,  a live event organised by the European Training Foundation (ETF)’s Skills Lab Network of Experts, which took place in Turin. In this edition, participants were invited to learn, explore, experience and discuss developments related to the identification and delivery of digital skills including ETF partner countries, as well as researchers engaged in a range of innovative digital skills projects, and policymakers.

The main objective of the event was to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds worldwide, fostering the exchange of perspectives in live sessions. Group discussions centered on key areas such as AI, Digitalisation, and the future of education. Various groups were established, each concentrating on a specific topic. Expert facilitators led discussions on the following subjects: Digitalisation and the Labor Market, Digital Skills, AI and Skills Intelligence, Digitalisation and Teachers, Digitalisation and the Public Sector, and Ideathon in the Year of Skills and the Digital Transition

Each thought-provoking presentation, delivered by engaging speakers, emphasized the enduring capacity of humans to seek and discover a harmonious approach to collectively confront impending challenges alongside machines. Attendees conveyed their support and commitment to the notion that, as caretakers of AI, humanity should take numerous steps and initiatives to ensure that AI is nurtured with the right inputs. This, in turn, will ultimately pave the way for a world in which AI and humans can achieve a balance of social unity and emotional understanding.

FBK actively engaged in the “Digital Skills” group discussion, addressing the question: “What is the impact of digitalisation on jobseekers and their skillsets, as well as programs for their integration into the labor market?” Throughout the discussion, the MERIT project was introduced, capturing significant interest from the participants. They also conveyed their readiness to explore the possibility of implementing it in their respective local institutions and countries for the benefit of future students.

An industrial visit was incorporated into this event, offering a wonderful experience and the opportunity to interact with workers, industrial experts, and instructors from the in-house Comau Academy. A discussion unfolded, during which FBK introduced the skills framework that MERIT is developing. The academy instructors emphasized the importance of incorporating soft skills alongside technical ones, such as maintaining a positive attitude and a commitment to lifelong learning.

MERIT played a pivotal role on the second day, contributing to discussions about shaping a plan for Vision 2050 encompassing the development of a vision statement and a comprehensive action plan. This involved considerations of how education will be delivered, what contents should be included, and what the lifelong learning process will entail.

Approximately 100 members attended the ETF Skills Lab Network of Experts, representing nearly 40 countries, primarily from the European region; with 10 people in the Digital Skills group. A significant portion of the attendees represented public institutions and emerging nations with youthful populations.

In conclusion, this event offered a unique opportunity to gather insights from educators, technical education specialists, and industrial experts. It affirmed that MERIT is fully aligned with future trends and industrial requirements.

More information can be found here and at the ETF website.

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