ASOINDEL S.L. (Advanced SOlutions INtegration and DeveLopment),, located in Santpedor (Barcelona) is an SME company founded in 2008, by a Telecommunications Engineer from Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) with more than 10 years’ experience in the industry. Our aim is to develop advanced engineering solutions for industry, academic and laboratories. We provide highly innovative solutions and integrate latest industry technologies regarding IoT and Industry 4.0: Big Data and Analytics, Smart sensors, Smart Factory, Predictive maintenance, Smart energy management, Real time and Remote monitoring and industrial control. 

We are highly skilled in Real Time, Low Latency and Critical systems, Embedded Systems, FPGA and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL), Measurement & industrial control and Automatic test & instrumentation. Our business model is mainly based on software consulting, turnkey projects and engineering partnership for industry and R&D, working together with our customers to harness strengths and abilities to improve business outcomes.  

Our services cover all the project management phases, from identify customers’ needs and specification design, hardware & software architecture design, software development and hardware integration, until start-up and technical support. We provide global solutions, and we have worldwide customers thanks to our broad experience in many industrial sectors such as mobility, aeronautical, electronics, energy, mobility, and geophysics. The company is NI Alliance Partner of National Instruments from 2011, recognized as LabVIEW Consultant, and its professional team is accredited with the following LabVIEW certifications: 2 architects CLAs, 1 CLD Developer, 1 developer specialist in embedded Systems CLED and 2 professional CPIs Instructors. 

Main team members


Senior SW Architect & Industry Advisor 


Senior SW Architect & Technology Advisor 

MSc. Marta MILLAN 

SME Project Manager and Industry Instructor 

MSc. Alberto SAEZ 

SW Engineer, Design industrial cases and interactive resources 

Eng. Oriol Puig  

SW Engineer, implementation industrial cases and practical applications 

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